Red Caribbean Papaya

Caribbean Red Papaya Seeds - 25 Seed Count

Red Caribbean Papaya Seeds – 25 Seed Count

NOTE: We test all the seeds we collect and therefore have plenty of starter plants. If you are interested in purchasing a starter plant for any of our items please contact us and we will sell you some of these great plants.

You are purchasing a package of Red Caribbean Papaya seeds. These are fresh seeds that have been tested.


This delicious new arrival from Belize is large like a maradol papaya and has the appearance of the common strawberry papaya. Its melon-like flavor, fragrant aroma and beautiful salmon red interior most resemble a strawberry papaya, only much sweeter. The fruit has an extremely high sugar content. Red papaya adds color and taste to any salad or can be served chilled topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream for a tasty tropical sundae!

Fruit ripens green to yellow and is ripe when more than 50% of the papaya has turned a bright yellow. Caribbean Reds have a much longer shelf life than most other papaya varieties. Merchandise next to other tropical fruit from Melissa’s including maradol papaya, strawberry papaya, mangoes, and coconuts.