Red guava Psidium guajava – 20 Seed Count


Guavas are evergreen, shallow-rooted shrubs or small trees to 33 ft, with spreading branches. Growth in California is rarely over 10 – 12 feet. The bark is smooth, mottled green or reddish brown and peels off in thin flakes to reveal the attractive “bony” aspect of its trunk. The plant branches close to the ground and often produces suckers from roots near the base of the trunk. Young twigs are quadrangular and downy.

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Red guava Psidium guajava – 20 Seed Count

The Guava is well known throughout the tropics, many people are familiar with it because of the large number of products made from this aromatic fruit.
The plant is well distributed throughout the tropics and subtropics. This is a low growing tree up to 25 feet high and about the same spread.
The bark is an attractive reddish brown and peels off revealing smooth gray bark beneath. The large coarse opposite leaves have prominent veins and young wood often is four-angled or winged.
Trees flower and fruit throughout most of the year. Flowers are usually white and about an inch across with many stamens. Guavas typically have very thin skins, easily bruised.

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