Mini Tiger Pumpkin Seeds

Mini Tiger Pumpkin Seeds - 10 Seed Count

You are purchasing 10 seeds of Mini Tiger Stripe Pumpkin Seeds

We have tested these seeds prior to listing in our greenhouse with a 90% success rate.

Current Facts: Mini Tiger Stripe pumpkins are a miniature variety of pumpkin.

Description/Taste: Mini Tiger pumpkins are petite and ribbed and boast distinct orange and green stripes on their white skin. Measuring six to eight inches in diameter Mini Tiger pumpkins have a classic yet squat pumpkin shape.

Applications: The Mini Tiger pumpkin is most commonly used for ornamental and decorative purposes. Though petite in size and containing minimal flesh they can also be used for culinary purposes. They are excellent hollowed out, stuffed with sweet or savory fillings and baked. They also make an ideal serving bowl for soups, custards, chili, and rice preparations.