Maradol Papaya

Maradol Papaya Seeds - 25 Seed Count


The flesh is soft, juicy and silky-smooth, with a delicate sweet flavor. It has a center cavity filled with small, round, black, peppery-tasting seeds, which are edible but generally discarded. Selection: Look for fruit that is bruise-free with smooth, unwrinkled skin. Avoid very soft fruit with a fermented aroma. Color is not necessarily an indication of ripeness. A ripe papaya will give slightly to palm pressure. Storage: Ripen firm papayas at room temperature. Keep ripe fruit in the refrigerator up to one week.

Maradol Papayas are very high in Vitamins C and A (78% bata caratene), low in calories, an excellent source of potassium, iron and dietary fiber. This fruit also contains good amounts of calcium

The Maradol Papaya is delicious, nutritious and distinctively flavored. It contains papain which is a powerful digestive aid, and has been used through the ages to sooth stomach disorders.

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