Germination information for Cherimoya seeds

Cherimoya - Annona Cherimola Seeds - 10 Seed Count

Preparing and Planting the Cherimoya Seeds

Begin by soaking the seeds in a bowl of water for three to four days in early spring or late winter. This will soften the hulls and allow the seeds to germinate more easily. Any seeds which have floated to the top of the water at the end of the soaking aren’t viable and should be discarded.

Cherimoya seeds can be planted directly in the ground or grown in pots for the first year before transplanting. To start seeds in a plant pot, fill a 6-inch tall pot with a 50/50 mixture of peat mulch and coarse sand. Plant the seed in a hole 1-inch deep, cover with the soil mixture and water it until the soil is thoroughly damp.

To plant the seeds outdoors, follow the same procedure in a location with well-drained soil that receives sunlight throughout the day, but is not near a wall or other large object to avoid reflected heat. A good practice is to plant several seeds in a loose grouping where you want the final tree. This will allow you to choose the strongest sapling to grow into an adult tree.

Water the seeds once or twice a week to keep the soil damp, but not wet. If growing in a pot, transplant the seedlings to an 18-inch pot filled with potting soil after the seedlings have reached three inches in height.