Lemon Drop Melon

Lemon Drop Melon Seeds - 10 Seed Count

A hybrid of the Galia melon, the Lemon Drop Melon looks similar to its parentage with a netted, golden tan skin with distinctive light green grooves. The variety’s pale green interior fruit was purposely developed to have very low sugar content and, in fact, is extremely high in citric acid. The result is a tart-sweet

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Piel De Sapo / Santa Claus Melon

Piel De Sapo - Santa Claus Melon Seeds - 20 Seed Count

Piel de Sapos are one of the most widely grown melon cultivars in Spain. Their name translates as “Toad Skin”, which is quite fitting nomenclature upon first glance: football shaped, Piel de Sapos have slightly ridged skin with a bright green-to-yellow gradient “undercoat” and darker green speckles on top. They certainly stand out visually among

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