Winter Melon

Winter Melon Seeds - 20 Seed Count

Winter melons are perhaps the largest cold season melons. They can measure 15 inches in diameter and can weigh in excess of thirty pounds at maturity. They are most often marketed by the slice due to their extreme size. Winter melons first impression is a hard, thin, chalky pistachio colored skin with a waxy feel.

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Strawberry Popcorn

Strawberry Popcorn Seeds - 20 Seed Count

Strawberry Popcorn – 20 seeds We have tested these seeds prior to listing in our greenhouse with a 95% success rate. Plant information This heirloom corn is a pop star, producing several ears per 5-6′ stalk of highly decorative popcorn when spaced at 9″ apart. Short and rounded, the 2-3″ ears remind us of large

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